Cash Management Services

Manage Your Cash Balances

Use any of our balance sweep services to better manage cash balances and increase your investment returns by sweeping excess funds into overnight investments that pay competitive interest rates.

Investment Sweep

This investment ties together your business checking account with the ease of automatically investing excess cash in an interest-bearing account. You can maximize your revenue and enjoy check writing privileges without having to juggle balances between accounts. We do it for you!

  • Assures that funds are available to cover checks, while excess funds earn interest.
  • Reduces time spent on daily investment decisions

Get Timely Information

Our customizable information reporting services will help keep you in control of what’s happening in your accounts, with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

Online Banking for Business

With Online Banking, you’ll have online access to account information and banking services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with just the click of a mouse. From the privacy of your office or home, you can view each of your company’s accounts, transfer funds, determine line balances, wire funds, initiate ACH transactions, and reconcile issued and paid checks on a daily basis.

  • Verify account information and transfer funds
  • View 6 months of account history
  • Make loan payments
  • Up-to-date information at your fingertips
  • Initiate ACH payments for payroll and other payables
  • Initiate wire transfers and stop payments right from your office
  • Reconcile and balance accounts daily
  • QuickBooks/Quicken export available
  • Confident decision making in less time
  • View check images back to 180 days

Business eStatements

View up to 18 months of your monthly checking, savings, and combined statements. The images of your checks may also be included. Go paperless and get quicker access to your statement.

  • Immediate access to historical information
  • Download and save statements for future reference and retrieval
  • Go green! No paper means conservation of resources for the planet.

Speed Up Cash Receipts

Efficiency in collecting funds means more profit to your bottom line. Use these electronic services to speed up deposits, automate payments, increase check collections, and take credit card payments.

Business Remote Deposit

Business Remote Deposit allows you to speed the delivery of your check deposits and overcome geographic barriers to consolidating banking relationships. All you need is a small desktop scanner, a PC with Internet connection, and our Remote Deposit Service.

  • You can scan checks at your desktop and electronically send the images to the bank.
  • No more trips to the bank to deposit checks!

Business Direct – Pre-Authorized Payments (ACH)

Electronically debit your customer’s personal or commercial checking or savings account to simplify the administration of large volumes of recurring receipts.  Pre-Authorized Payments give you immediate access to your payment data and improves cash inflow forecasting by eliminating costly delays associated with mail float and availability float. There are separate fees associated with this service. Please contact us for details.

  • Immediate access to payments received with reduced paper handling
  • Improved forecasting of cash flow
  • Automated handling of large volumes of recurring payments

Electronic Return Check Collection with Check Resultz

Rather than re-presenting a returned check, the MICR line of the check can be captured and the financial institution and customer account data formatted into an ACH debit entry. By converting the check to an ACH debit, your chances of recovering the amount of the check increase greatly because you are electronically debiting the customer’s account.

  • This electronic collection process eliminates the time-consuming manual task of collecting bad checks, which saves you money.

Disburse Money Efficiently

Business BillPay through Online Banking

Simplify your life with our Business BillPay service. You can pay virtually any business or individual from any location where you have Internet access.

  • Save time and mailing costs.
  • Easily schedule future payments and set up recurring payments for automated convenience and less worry.
  • Direct deposit with pre-authorized payments (ACH).

Business VISA® Debit Cards

You can use your Business VISA® debit card everywhere, whether to fill up your tank or to withdraw cash from the ATM.

  • Use your card everywhere that credit cards are accepted or at any State Bank or Allpoint ATM.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer is the fastest and most efficient method of funds transfer. If the need arises for an unexpected or sudden transfer of funds, or if you are transferring a large amount of money domestically or internationally, our wire transfer service is a great choice.

  • Safe and secure method of transferring large funds quickly.

Fees may apply for these services. Please contact us for details.