PPP Forgiveness

Helping small business in difficult times? We did that! 

The last 18 months have certainly been interesting. As we reflect on what we were able to accomplish to help our customers and local businesses during PPP, we can only say ‘thank you’ for trusting us. Through Round 1 and Round 2 of PPP, we loaned over $68 million to more than 775 local businesses – your friends, neighbors and businesses you depend on. Moreover, we helped those businesses keep over 8,300 employees on the payroll during the pandemic and helped keep the local economy moving forward. It has been our pleasure to support our local economies in this way. 

PPP Loan Forgiveness

The SBA PPP Forgiveness process has gotten easier and more efficient.  Below you will find the information grid for each application process based on your specific SBA PPP Forgiveness criteria:

  • To automatically submit your forgiveness request for loans of $150,000 or less to State Bank, simply register at directforgiveness.sba.gov. You’ll need to provide your Email Address, TIN or SSN, and SBA Loan Number to get started.
  • For SBA PPP loans more than $150,000 that qualify for 1 of the 2 safe harbors described in the instructions, use the SBA Forgiveness application 3508EZ
  • For SBA PPP loans more than $150,000 that do not qualify for any safe harbors, use the SBA Forgiveness application 3508

Call your lender to receive your SBA PPP loan number that is required for these forms.

You can find detailed information on the SBA and U.S. Treasury websites.