Updated Information on the SBA PPP Loan Program


On Wednesday, June 17th, the Treasury Department and the SBA released additional new guidance on the PPP Loan Forgiveness process which included changes to the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application AND a new simpler form that many of our customers may be able to use.  The new form is the PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form 3508EZ.  Both of these forms ease the process and documentation required for submission.

We have attached LINKS to the Instructions and the Applications.  We want to encourage you to complete the “CHECKLIST FOR USING SBA FORM 3508EZ” before completing the application.  Qualifying for and using the 3508EZ form is a simpler process and hopefully many of you are eligible to use this.

Please consult your accountants, payroll providers, and attorneys for additional guidance or interpretation of the rules.





We are working hard to stay abreast of this information and to keep you informed. 

Thank you for being a valued customer of State Bank. 

Disclosure:  State Bank will not pay third party fees for assisting with PPP Loan requirements.