Cash Reserve Line of Credit

Financial tip:  Go ahead and apply for a Cash Reserve line now to help guard against unplanned cash flow shortages and have it in place when you need it.  Then try really hard to never need it!

When you apply for a Cash Reserve line of credit, we give you a credit line up to $2000 and link it to your checking account*.  If your account goes negative or overdrawn, we transfer available money in increments of $100 to cover it.  You pay it back over time.

Our annual fee for the line of credit is $12/year and there is a $1 fee per transfer.  You can also use our mobile banking and make transfers by phone in a minute!

*Subject to credit approval. Applicant must agree to provide personal information for application for credit if requested. Applicant must authorize the bank and/or credit bureau to verify the credit information that is provided. Interest charges will apply.