Moving Made Easy

Follow the steps below or call us at 1-866-348-4674. We’ll help you:

  • Select and open a new State Bank Checking Account.
  • Transfer Direct Deposits and Automated Transfers to your new account.
  • Close your old accounts with your existing bank, credit union, etc.

Three Easy Steps to Move Your Account to State Bank

We make switching your accounts to State Bank easy…every step of the way.

Step 1:  Our online deposit account opening application allows you to deposit into the new account with an electronic transfer or by check.  So easy!

Step 2:  Complete our handy direct deposit switch form and take to your employer or other entity that makes deposits into your account.

Step 3:  Complete the automatic withdrawal change form to change any automatic payments for your mortgage, insurance, athletic club, etc., that come from your current account to your new account.  Simply print out the form, complete, and send to the originator.

Not sure?  Call us—we will be happy to help!